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Series 3 - Episode 3: Brazen Bio helping biotech founders improve human health!

This week we speak to the Founders of Brazen Bio about their 12-week Incubator program, which is set to help potential biotech founders launch their company and prove their concepts.

After quitting his neurosurgery residency Shawn Carbonell, MD, PhD founded his first biotech startup a decade ago. This saw him see how gruelling and brutal starting a biotech can be, so he vowed to one day do something to help others translate their science into medicines. Shawn has successfully invented and developed a cancer drug that is currently in phase 1 clinical trial.

Brent Witgen, PhD, has worked in big pharma for the past decade, building high performing biotech teams in the US, EU and Asia. Brent has had direct involvement in over a dozen drug and device regulatory filings across multiple areas of human disease.

Brent and Shawn have now teamed up to launch Brazen Bio to help biotech founders advance human health. Through Brazens turnkey incubator program, start-ups will have access to state-of-the-art labs, full access to $1.5M worth of equipment, including lab reagents and consumables. And as if that wasn't enough, accommodation, flights, food, and an M1 MacBook, amongst other benefits, will be included.

Based in LA this is a great opportunity to be involved with the first cohort of founders through the program this year.

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Series 3 - Episode 2: "The Key to life is learning!!" - Dr Ian White, Founder & CSO at Neobiosis

This is something today's guest is very good at. Not only is Dr Ian White an expert in Regenerative Stem cell medicine, Ian has written treasure maps and created real-life treasure hunts.

He's written and submitted a full feature-length sci-fi movie to Hollywood and he's also an avid inventor. It's safe to say not only is Ian a Scientist and Medic, he's an entrepreneur and has a highly creative mind.

His story is fascinating and just when you think he can't have done anymore he shares another amazing story. Today's episode is one not to be missed so sit back and enjoy the show!!!

Series 3 - Episode 1: Leigh Fell reviews the impact of Covid-19 on Mental health and the increase of Neurology studies

Welcome back to Series Three of The Huxley Morton Podcast!

The show where we hear stories from Industry Leaders within the world of Clinical Trials.

This week we kick off Series three with two Episodes.

On the first episode out today, we speak to Leigh Fell CEO of Caritas Neuro Solutions.

Tune in to hear how Leigh started out in the industry having never heard of it before she was in it!

Leigh discusses what made her want to set up her own business and her keen interest in Neuro Science, Mental Health, mind-body medicine and harnessing the power of placebo to enhance pharmaceutical therapies.

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