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Series 3 - Episode 24: Dr Mark Larkin - Scaling up Digital Healthcare

This week we close series 3 by speaking with Dr Mark Larkin.

With nearly 20 years of experience in healthcare consulting and finance Mark founded digital healthcare scaleup Vitaccess in 2017.

Vitacess offer international real-world evidence solutions to the biopharmaceutical market via smartphone apps and data science.

Vitacess is certainly a company to watch in just 4 years the company has grown a headcount to 50 and have just been awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise &Innovation, the most prestigious UK Business award,

Tune in to hear how Mark has achieved such amazing milestones and hear his plans for the future.


Series 3 - Episode 23: Tom Ryan on winning new business in the pharma market

After spending twenty years of his career in Life Sciences, like most entrepreneurs Tom noticed a gap in the market.

He realised that most service providers, while technically proficient, were still having trouble reaching their customers.

So In October 2017, Tom decided to give those organizations a voice and founded NavigatorBIO - a Contract Development Organization for the Life Sciences community.

Tom shares his story about starting out on his own, fine-tuning his processes and growing the business.


Series 3 - Episode 22: How to get into Clinical Research with Tiffany Ashton

This week Lucy Gilmour hosts a spin-off episode to The Huxley Morton Podcast where she speaks with industry expert Tiffany Ashton on how to get into Clinical Research.

Topics include:

  • Top Tips to get into Clinical Research!
  • Career progression within the industry
  • How to map out your career path
  • What transferrable skills do you need to be successful in Clinical Research?
  • What resources can you read to help you learn more about Clinical Research?


Series 3 - Episode 21: Pivoting isn't a Plan B: It's part of the Process - James Fowl & Lucy Gilmour

Who are the founders of Huxley Morton, What is Huxley Morton about, and what is the back story?

This week Adam and the founders discuss how Covid-19 killed HM's very successful Engineering focused Recruitment business.

How the founders came back fighting!

What they are doing differently to conquer a new market!


Series 3 - Episode 20: From Research Rookie to Clinical Trials Guru - Dan Sfera

This man needs no introduction as he is world-renowned in the Clinical Research sector as the Clinical Trials Guru.

But what is Dan's back story? How did he start out? What inspired him to start creating content to help so many others starting out and working in the world of Clinical trials.

This week James and Adam get the full low down on the main man himself.

Why not also check out Dan's channel and the video of him interviewing James and Adam.

They talk about interview strategy and what you should be asking in your interviews.


Series 3 - Episode 19: Brad Hightower - Increasing access to Clinical Trials

Brad Hightower is the founder of Hightower Clinical and the host of Note to file Podcast.

Brad has grown Hightower Clinical to 50 active sites working with 70 Physicians in under 4 years. Adding the human touch to Clinical Trials, Brad is dynamic, flexible and not afraid to fail which has, in turn, led to his success.

Brad and the team at Hightower clinical serve the community of Oklahoma by increasing patient access to new medical treatments through clinical trials and providing no-cost research infrastructure to physicians.

In this episode, we hear how Brad started out in the industry and his plans for expansion of, Hightower Clinical.

Series 3 - Episode 18: Radi Arezina - Managing Director of Stridon Clinical Research

Prior to establishing Stridon, Radi co-founded Richmond Pharmacology, where for over 15 years he held the position of Research Director and was instrumental in making Richmond a UK leading Phase I CRO.

Radi shares his story about using adversity to his advantage and focusing on being the best in his niche. A fantastic Leader it's no wonder Radi has achieved great success in both companies he has founded.

Stridon is a London-based CRO offering its clients clinical trial support services including medical and scientific writing, regulatory affairs, training for clinical trial staff, GCP and GMP audits, and clinical trial site management.

The business is set up and run as a cooperative of experienced partners who are experts in their field and have an equitable share in the business proceeds.  

Stridon's core values are delivery of honest, quality service on time.

Series 3 - Episode 17: Developing Digital Therapy for our next Generation with Jhonatan Bringas Dimitriades

Originally from Peru, he's worked all around the world, he's an advisor, a Med-tech CEO, a father of two, medical education strategist, mentor, and he's only in his mid-thirties. It is fair to say that this week's guest has a few stories to share.

Jhonatan Bringas is a Founding Partner (CEO) of Lapsi Health. Lapsi Health is developing Digital Therapy (DTX) solutions for the next generation. Their goal is to have a pediatric population that has chronic conditions under control.

Separately, Jhonatan is a medical Education Ambassador for Medscape - Working together with a great team to develop the strategy to enhance online Medical Education worldwide.

In this week's episode, he shares his story about travelling across the world, learning multiple languages, and adapting to the nuances involved when working in different countries.

Series 3 - Episode 16: Ross Jackson - Literally, The Man Who Wrote the Book on Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials Using Facebook Ads

This week we discuss Patient Recruitment strategy and how Facebook is one of the most effective means of reaching a wide audience.

Ross talks us through targeted advertising and how it works. 'Is Big Brother watching you?'

Ross has also written a book on the subject so if you're running a Clinical trial and you need to find an edge that will attract willing patients this is a must-listen for you.

Series 3 - Episode 15: Helping small businesses execute their success with Robert Nauman

Assisting leaders and entrepreneurs execute their vision in Life Sciences and Health IT -that's what this weeks guest is all about.

He first got into the pharma industry after his father suggested it was a good place to earn some money.

20 Years's on, and he's still active. Having spent time with some of the industry giants such as GSK, he is now using his ability to solve key business issues and create organizational change that maximizes revenue and minimize cost.

Series 3 - Episode 14: It's all about the People!! Rachel Jones on Behavioural Change & Patient Engagement

For Rachel Jones failure was not an option when she lost her mother and was made redundant in a matter of days.

A single mum of two children, Rachel boxed up her emotions and landed her dream project working on Patient engagement. Through her experience, she then went on to Co-found Swii.ch Health a successful boutique agency specialising in digital, behavioural change and patient Engagement.

Rachel shares her story and tips that have helped her to be successful and happy in her career

Series 3 - Episode 13: Stuart McCully Founder of Phoenix RWR and Co-Founder of Real World Research.

Stuart opens up about his darkest moments, his successes and his failures in Entrepreneurship. We also discuss the topic of Mental health and why there's such a stigma around talking about certain topics.

Phoenix-RWR is a consulting firm that specializes in providing regulatory compliance solutions and regulatory intelligence for real-world research studies, such as non-interventional studies.

Series 3 - Episode 12: Panel show special!

This week we have several returning guests for a special edition panel show where we discuss 'What it takes to Change an Industry'

Our panel of experts include:

Scott Stout - CEO at Medvector - Finance Expert.

Click here for Scott's previous appearance on the show

Ted Barduson - COO at Medvector – Healthcare and physicians practice Expert.

Craig Lipset - Founder at Clinical Innovation Partner – Decentralized Trials & Innovation Expert.

Click here for Craig's previous appearance on the show

Adam Walker – Healthcare & Biometrics Expert.

Click here for Adam's previous appearance on the show


All of our guests form part of the MedVector Clinical Trials team that is streamlining the Clinical Research Industry.

We discuss the following topics:

What does it take to change an industry?

New people, new companies, acceptance of established companies innovative ideas.

The pandemic and its impact on:

- The explosion, acceptance of telemedicine.

- The impact on the DCT marketplace.

- The awareness of clinical trials and how patient-centricity is linked to the guidance of physicians.

- The financial impact on doctors individual and practice revenues and profits.

What is Medvector? And what is it not?


Series 3 - Episode 11: Christina DiArcangelo - CEO and Founder of Affinity Bio partners

This week we get under the skin of entrepreneur and CEO Christina DiArcangelo.

With more than two decades of experience in the Medical cannabis, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and medical device industries.

Christina is a clinical research pioneer, contracts negotiator, Opinion Columnist for CEO WorldBiz, and even has her own podcast, I am Christina DiArcangelo!

This is definitely one of our most honest and open conversations to date. Christina shares her story of experiencing domestic violence to filming and staring in Season 2 of the "Four Days to Save the World" TV Series that will be released on Earth Day 2022.

Series 3 - Episode 10: Mike Keens- Executive Vice President, Operations. Don't be afraid to share your opinion.

With over 20 years of experience in Clinical operations, Mike shares his story and how he transitioned to a new job at the height of the pandemic.

Mike is a keen advocate for decentralized trials and has several predictions about the Clinical development field to share.

Series 3 - Episode 9: Jo Bhakdi CEO and Founder of Quantgene- Extending life with Data

This week we speak to Jo Bhakdi Founder and CEO of Quantgene.

Jo and the team at Quantgene are about to launch Serenity, the worlds first medical solution to protect against multiple cancers through early detection and prevention.

Jo combines the perfect blend of economics and science to become a real disrupter in the industry.

In today's episode, we cover

  • Who is Jo Bhakdi and what is his background?
  • What does Quantgene do?
  • Jo's vision is what he calls "10 in 10" to extend the healthy human lifespan by a decade within the next decade.
  • How Quantgene helped the film industry get back on its feet by providing on-site coronavirus testing and results within a 24hrs window.
  • Answers to our quick-fire questions.

Series 3 - Episode 8: Scientist by day and Chef by night with Vidya Maharaj

This week we speak to Vidya Maharaj, Vice president of Clinical Operations and Development at Regenerative Outcomes.

Not only does she have an extremely successful career in pharmaceuticals which has seen her rapidly climb through the ranks. Vidya is also executive Chef at one of Miami's hottest beachfront restaurants. 

Find out how she juggles two extremely successful careers and everything else in between.

Series 3 - Episode 7: Non-Invasive detection and diagnosis of breast cancer with Elizabeth Cormier-May

Radically improving the detection, diagnosis and treatment of women's health-related disease.

Elizabeth Cormier-May and the team Mammogen are integrating data, science and the lived experiences from patients that they serve into the ongoing product development efforts related to their flagship breast cancer program.

Mammogen is a female-led biotechnology company focused on meaningfully improving the detection, diagnosis and treatment of women's health-related diseases, and creating an end-to-never-end community for women around the world.

Mammogen is centred around its proprietary genTRU™ liquid biopsy platform. The company's flagship genTRU breast™ program leverages novel messenger RNA (mRNA) technology to non-invasively detect and diagnose breast cancer.

Mammogen's core technology is a non-invasive screening solution intended for all women, but particularly for the under-40 population who aren't eligible for annual mammography and the 55+ population who are only recommended for mammography every other year.

Series 3 - Episode 6: Supporting the Rare Disease community with Alex Evans, CEO at RAREiTi

With a background in nursing as well as in the pharmaceutical industry, Alex Evans​ brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as CEO of RAREiTi.

Tune in to hear how their managed access and medicines management programs offer support beyond therapy, combining care solutions that are specifically developed, carefully measured, and designed to improve outcomes. 

There's tremendous potential here to help rare disease drug developers increase their success rates locally and globally, and at the same time help doctors and patients gain access to new, and often life-changing, medicines.

A heart-warming episode with stories of patients this amazing resource has helped.

Series 3 - Episode 5: Addressing the unmet needs of the life sciences sector - Alethea Wieland

Alethea Wieland is the President and Founder of Clinical Research Strategies based in Pittsburgh.

A boutique CRO and an executive management consultancy addressing a lot of the unmet needs for the Life Sciences Sector.

Alethea and her husband founded the company 10 years ago and have over 70 years of experience between them.

Through embracing the ever-changing legislations Altehea a regulatory Scientist by training is watching where the work is going and successfully winning it.

Althea and her team have been working on novel products that the FDA have never seen before from software to medical devices, federated medicine, new biologics and even a cannabis product.

With a solid foundation in Regulatory science, Alethea is focused on putting the right fit for purpose team together for her clients. The sky really is the limit for Clinical Research Strategies so make sure you tune in to hear more.

Series 3 - Episode 4: Paul Simms "Pharma Provocateur" and CEO of Impatient health

This week we hear from "Pharma Provocateur" and CEO of Impatient Health, Paul Simms.

Paul set up Impatient health in May 2020 to challenge the Status Quo and help companies within the industry stand out from the crowd. He believes "now is the age of experimentation".

We hear how Paul is looking to drive Innovative conversations forward and isn't afraid to break a few eggs in the process.

Paul shares some thought-provoking views and his predictions for the future of Pharma.

Click the link below to connect with Paul Simms:


Series 3 - Episode 3: Brazen Bio helping biotech founders improve human health!

This week we speak to the Founders of Brazen Bio about their 12-week Incubator program, which is set to help potential biotech founders launch their company and prove their concepts.

After quitting his neurosurgery residency Shawn Carbonell, MD, PhD founded his first biotech startup a decade ago. This saw him see how gruelling and brutal starting a biotech can be, so he vowed to one day do something to help others translate their science into medicines. Shawn has successfully invented and developed a cancer drug that is currently in phase 1 clinical trial.

Brent Witgen, PhD, has worked in big pharma for the past decade, building high performing biotech teams in the US, EU and Asia. Brent has had direct involvement in over a dozen drug and device regulatory filings across multiple areas of human disease.

Brent and Shawn have now teamed up to launch Brazen Bio to help biotech founders advance human health. Through Brazens turnkey incubator program, start-ups will have access to state-of-the-art labs, full access to $1.5M worth of equipment, including lab reagents and consumables. And as if that wasn't enough, accommodation, flights, food, and an M1 MacBook, amongst other benefits, will be included.

Based in LA this is a great opportunity to be involved with the first cohort of founders through the program this year.

Click the links below to connect to Brazen Bio





Series 3 - Episode 2: "The Key to life is learning!!" - Dr Ian White, Founder & CSO at Neobiosis

This is something today's guest is very good at. Not only is Dr Ian White an expert in Regenerative Stem cell medicine, Ian has written treasure maps and created real-life treasure hunts.

He's written and submitted a full feature-length sci-fi movie to Hollywood and he's also an avid inventor. It's safe to say not only is Ian a Scientist and Medic, he's an entrepreneur and has a highly creative mind.

His story is fascinating and just when you think he can't have done anymore he shares another amazing story. Today's episode is one not to be missed so sit back and enjoy the show!!!

Series 3 - Episode 1: Leigh Fell reviews the impact of Covid-19 on Mental health and the increase of Neurology studies

Welcome back to Series Three of The Huxley Morton Podcast!

The show where we hear stories from Industry Leaders within the world of Clinical Trials.

This week we kick off Series three with two Episodes.

On the first episode out today, we speak to Leigh Fell CEO of Caritas Neuro Solutions.

Tune in to hear how Leigh started out in the industry having never heard of it before she was in it!

Leigh discusses what made her want to set up her own business and her keen interest in Neuro Science, Mental Health, mind-body medicine and harnessing the power of placebo to enhance pharmaceutical therapies.

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