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Episode Seven: Nikki Schultek- founder of Intracell research Group

On this week's podcast, we hear the fascinating story of Nikki Schultek, founder of Intracell research Group.

After falling ill, herself and developing several different autoimmune symptoms to which no one could diagnose Nikki became frustrated and took things into her own hands by researching it herself.

As a result, Nikki later set up a mission-driven business and become a passionate advocate and change agent shedding light on the importance of intracellular infections in chronic human diseases.

Listen to Nikki's remarkable story and understand more about Intracell Research Group.

Episode Six: Mike Rea - CEO & Founder of IDEA Pharma

When we heard that this week marked the 20th year in business for CEO Mike Rea and his team at IDEA Pharma | The Pharma Innovation Experts we felt it would be the perfect time for us to share their story.

IDEA Pharma is a Path-To-Market Strategy practice and has provided strategic direction and positioning for eight of the fifteen biggest launches in the last three years.

Tune in to hear about how it all started and has developed into a highly respected Global Pharmaceutical Consultancy business, almost by accident.

Episode Five: Chris Witowski - Creating a new era in Mindful Medicine

This week we hear the fascinating story of how Chris Witowski and business partner Jackie (Von) Salm are creating a new era in mindful medicine.

Reimagining psychoactive natural products as building blocks for the next generation of neurological therapeutics.

Scientist owned and run with over 20 years collective experience in research, drug discovery, start-ups and natural products.

Episode Four: Felice Anderson - Owner of Eclipse Clinical Research

Ever felt like you've been overworked and undervalued?

Have you toyed with the idea of going it alone and becoming an entrepreneur?

That's what this weeks guest did, and despite her investors bailing out early, she proved them wrong, making a real success of here clinical research business which looks set to expand further moving into 2021.

Check out the full episode this Friday with Felice Anderson, the founder and owner of Eclipse Clinical research based out of Tuscon, Arizona.

Episode Three: Victoria Welch - CRA Mentor

How do you come back from being furloughed and subsequently laid off?

This week we find out how Victoria Welch did just that by landing herself a job with a huge CRO.

Find out what hard work and discipline looks like.

Episode Two: Adam Walker - Consultant Biometrics SME

This week we speak to Adam Walker about how Life sciences is hot right now, the lack of analysis of Covid19 data in certain test centres. A reality check and his thoughts on the Covid-19 vaccine.

Episode One: Christopher Petek VP & Co-Founder of the Clinical Trials Network.

We speak to Christopher Petek Co-Founder of The Clinical Trials Network, a trial management company focused on providing the administrative backing for private practice physicians.

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