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Series 2 - Episode 20: Enith Morillo, Principal Consultant & Founder at Cadoret Global

Don't be afraid to reinvent yourself!!

In the final episode of The Huxley Morton Podcast this week we speak to Enith Morillo Founder of Cadoret Global.

Enith shares her story and proves It is never too late to start over!!

We also learn three things you need to be a success.

Cadoret Global specialize in supporting start-up, virtual, early-stage, and small-size pharmaceutical companies in taking their investigational drug through development and clinical trials.

Tune in to catch the last episode of the series and hear Enith's inspirational story.

Series 2 - Episode 19: What skills do you need to start a career in Clinical trials?

  • What skills do you need to start a career in Clinical trials?
  • Could a Sabbatical help your Career?
  • What does the future office environment look like?
  • How can a recruiter help you land your dream job?
  • Why is there a shortage of new talent in Biotech and Pharma companies?

This week we answer all these questions when we speak with Stephen Smith, Senior Director of Program Management at Encoded Therapeutics.

Stephen shares his fascinating story and provides a great insight into the pharmaceutical & biotech sector

Series 2 - Episode 18: Simon Crowe, CEO at Clindox - Helping change the way medical device companies manage their Clinical data

This week James was honoured to sit down with Simon Crowe CEO at Clindox!

From starting out with Wrigley's selling chewing gum to Dentist's to becoming an experienced life science industry professional and now CEO at Clindox. 

Clindox is a data science solution provider for the medical device sector. 

Simon joined Clindox last summer to help re-direct their strategy and direction.

With plans to double their headcount in the next year, Clindox is definitely a company to watch.

Tune in to hear Simon's story and his future plans for Clindox.

Series 2 - Episode 17: Matt Miclette, Director of Clinical Operations at NeuroFlow a digital mental health company

This week we speak to Matt Miclette, Director of Clinical Operations at NeuroFlow.

NeuroFlow is a US-based digital mental health company that helps integrate behavioural health/mental health solutions into physical health settings.

By combining workflow automation, patient engagement solutions and services, and applied AI they promote behavioural health integration in all care settings.

NeuroFlow allows health care organisations to finally bridge the gap between Mental and Physical health to improve outcomes and reduce the cost of care.

Tune in to hear more about NeuroFlow and how they continue to grow in 2020/21.

Series 2 - Episode 16: Jim Hauske – Founder at Sensor Pharma- Improving Human health through weight loss drug development

This week we hear from Jim Hauske, Founder of Sensor Pharma a drug discovery organization with a focus on metabolic disease treatments

Jim shares his fascinating story with us. After starting his career at Pfizer a chance meeting on a flight changed his outlook on his role within healthcare. With a renewed focus on Improving human health, he later went onto found and sell multiple drug discovery companies.

Series 2 - Episode 15: Amy Hedrick – CEO & Co-Founder at Cleanbox Technology

Tune in today to find out how Amy and her team at Cleanbox Technology use UVC light to kill 99.999% of contagions including Covid.

A leader in decontamination Cleanbox is now used in 36 countries and 41 states in the US.

With awareness of Contagious diseases heightened from the Coronavirus pandemic, Cleanbox Technology will be a company to watch as they expand their product line and help so many more businesses achieve risk management on a Molecular Level.

Listen in to see if your company could benefit from this technology.

Series 2 - Episode 14: Nicole Palmer- Trial Master File Enthusiast.

This week we learn about the Trial Master file with TMF enthusiast Nicole Palmer.

An experienced Clinical Trial Manager, Nicole has recently built a large following on LinkedIn sharing her knowledge on the Trial Master file.

We hear how she grew her LinkedIn following from zero to over 5,000 in just a few months. All through helping others that are just starting out in the Clinical trials sector.

Series 2 - Episode 13: Dennis Patterson - What is your local hospitals MVI ( Medical Value Index)?

Dennis has been involved in eleven starts-ups since starting his career in the 1970s. This week we hear about one of his ventures Verras Ltd.

Verras uses algorithms to monitor the performance of physicians and the overall practice of hospitals across the US.

Marketed to insurance companies, self-insured employers and others the MVI will soon be available so that they can decide which is the best hospital to treat their clients and family's illness.

This score is not based on an opinion or financial poll this is a factual score based on the Clinical performance and therefore far more accurate.

Tune in to hear more about Dennis's story and how the MVI is calculated and how this will be the best way to access where to get your medical care in the future.

Series 2 - Episode 12: Ernest Odame- Director, Global Evidence & Outcomes, Oncology at Takeda Oncology

This week we hear from Ernest who originally trained as a Dental Surgeon in Ghana and is now the Director of Global Evidence & Outcomes, oncology at Takeda.

Ernest shares his story about how his career evolved and how he moved into the world of clinical research and in turn brought all his past experience together.

We also cover what it's like starting a new job with one of the biggest pharma companies in the Covid era.

Series 2 - Episode 11: Naji Gehchan- Senior Director of Sales at Eli Lilly USA

This week we hear from Naji who has dedicated his life to serving patients and leading teams and organisations toward the noble purpose of making life better.

From serving on the front line of a terrorist bomb site in Beirut as a Red Cross Rescuer to leading teams in pharma, working daily to ensure medical innovations and discoveries reach the millions of patients who need them.

Tune in to hear Naji's fascinating and inspiring story.

Series 2 - Episode Ten: Infection Prevention - clean your hands in 3 seconds

This week we hear from an Infection Prevention Advocate and Co-founder of LivOnyx a company developing an automated rapid hand disinfection system

At a time when personal hygiene and handwashing has become a much talked about subject, we hear from Carmela Mascio on how she and her team have come up with an innovative new way for health care professionals to clean their hands.

Listen to Carmela's inspiring story on how she got into the industry. Her passion for patients and health care workers has led her to set up her own company where she is now leading the way in infection prevention.

Click here to connect & speak to Carmela

Series 2 - Episode Nine: Jeff Trotter - Senior Vice President - Worldwide Evidence at Worldwide Clinical Trials

Bridging the gap between Clinical Development and Commercialisation this week we hear from Jeff Trotter who has built a team that continue to innovate in the arena of real-world evidence in healthcare.

Jeff has successfully built up his consultancy business over the past 30 years and has even sold and bought it back in that time.

He is now partnered with Worldwide Clinical trials leading the Worldwide evidence business unit.

Tune in to hear Jeff's fascinating story and make sure you listen until the end to hear a composition Jeff put together.

All Music on this podcast is composed by Jeff Trotter.

Series 2 - Episode Eight: Scott Stout- CEO, Co-Founder at MedVector- accelerating the world of Clinical trials through Innovation.

This week we hear from Scott Stout Co-founder and CEO of MedVector a company that is streamlining the Clinical trial Industry.

Providing pharmaceutical & Biotech companies, CRO's and research institutes a global patient network, which enables them to quickly identify clinical trial candidates, exponentially improving time to market.

Not to be confused with a CRO or patient recruitment company Scott and his team are using a telemedicine network to allow their research clients to connect with trial participants from anywhere in the world.

MedVector is certainly a company to watch so make sure you tune in to hear Scott's story and hear more about their innovative new technology.

To find out more about the MedVector service please see the links below.

MedVector Explainer Video (3min)

MedVector Virtual Pitch (8 min)

MedVector Investment Link - www.StartEngine.com/MedVector 

You can also connect with Scott on LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/scott-stout-01992653/

Series 2 - Episode Seven: Leena Das-Young, Pharm.D. – Founder & CEO of RaniBio Group

This week James speaks to Leena Das- Young an accomplished C-suite biopharmaceutical executive with significant broad-based leadership experience in business strategy, general management, commercial execution, research, and clinical development settings.

We hear Leena's fascinating story from watching her parents who worked within the healthcare industry to her 15 years at Pfizer where she became a force to be reckoned with. A leader of leaders responsible for the development of 13 late phase medicines, teams, & clinical programs, including stewardship of six FDA breakthrough designations through approval, three positive FDA advisory committee outcomes (ODAC), and lifecycle management.

Now working as an independent Clinical & Commercial advisor Leena has several interesting projects underway and is someone you really want within your network.

Series 2 - Episode Six: Anders Mortin Co-Founder of TriTicon

This week we hear from Anders Mortin Co-founder of TriTicon a consulting company for clinical systems and data handling.

Whilst at uni studying Physics Anders fell into the industry by accident after a friend asked if he would like to work for his Father's CRO to earn a bit of extra money.

A natural-born problem solver Anders started seeing solutions which took him on his career journey and saw him Co-Found TriTiCon.  Working on the sponsor side they set out to combine an "all in one service" in the space of strategy, systems and vendors for handling clinical trial data.

Tune in to hear his story hear how TriTiCon helps their customers get the small things right.

Series 2 - Episode Five: Jennifer Lee - Executive Director, Head of Oncology Clinical Operations at Radius

After losing both her Grandfather and Father at a young age, this week's guest decided to dedicate her life to improving the lives of patients.

Today we speak to Jennifer Lee, Head of Oncology Clinical Operations at Radius about how she manages her busy schedule working on various Clinical trials across 17 different countries.

Jennifer tells us how Radius have navigated their way through this difficult time and what she has learnt about herself having had to work remotely and adapt the way she would normally do things.

Inspired by various challenges growing up Jennifer is also a mentor and now serves as a Co-Chair for Executive Woman In Bio and the 3.8 Initiative. A nonprofit organization that helps women entrepreneurs and executives build successful bioscience-related businesses.

Make sure you tune in this Friday to hear Jennifer's inspiring story.

Connect with Jennifer via LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-lee-86971b29/ 

Series 2 - Episode Four: Edye Edens – Senior Research Compliance Consultant at First Class Solutions, INC.

Tune in to hear Edye Edens story about how she trained as an International Human rights Lawyer and then pivoted into the world of Compliance and never looked back.

Edye now works as a Senior Research Compliance Consultant for First Class Solutions where she advises large hospitals and Individual research sites on how to build their programs. How to better their programs and how to use efficient workflows whilst making sure they meet all those regulatory standards.

Listen to Edye's incredible story and hear her thoughts on the Covid 19 Vaccine and how the virus has forced the hand of Clinical trials and moved it forward.

Edye shares some great content on Linkedin so be sure to go check her out and give her a follow.

Series 2 - Episode Three: "The Rebel Regulator" Aman Khera – Global Head of Regulatory Strategy at Worldwide Clinical trials

How do you get into Regulatory Affairs?

This week James speaks to Aman Khera about just that. We hear how she broke through the glass ceiling, didn't take no for an answer, and pushed her way into the Regulatory world.

With over 20 years experience Aman has since gone on to earn the Nickname "Rebel Regulator" not being afraid to step out of her regulatory lane she continually aims to push Regulatory forward within the Clinical world with her unique approach.

Now an advisor, board member and mentor within the industry, Aman gives her advice to those who are looking to get into Regulatory affairs and shares her thoughts on how the Clinical Trials landscape has changed since the global pandemic broke out.

Series 2 - Episode Two: Surabhi Sharma- Director at Sanofi

Ever wondered what it would be like to move to another country and start a new life?

This week we hear from Surabhi Sharma who did just that when she emigrated from India to the USA to further her studies in Structural Biology.

Twenty years on Surabhi discusses the high and lows of relocating halfway across the world and adjusting to the different culture.

We learn how she took a leap of faith and worked Pro-bono whilst juggling childcare, a long commute and keeping food on the table. Her career has since gone from strength to strength.

Tune in to hear her truly inspiring story, and how she has gone on to have a successful career in Clinical trials while still finding time to help others.

Series 2 - Episode One:
Craig Lipset Leader & Innovator in the World of Clinical Trials and Medicine development

This week we kick off the New Year with a New Series of The Huxley Morton Podcast and speak to one of the biggest influencers in Clinical Research and Medicine Development Craig Lipset.

Craig has been one step ahead of the game when it comes to innovation and technology so when the world turned on its head in 2020 Craig was ready to help and advice clients on how to navigate their studies and promote the movement towards decentralized trials.

Tune in to hear how Craig started out in the industry including his 12 years at Pfizer as their Head of Clinical innovation and how growing his network via LinkedIn has led to several exciting opportunities and has enabled Craig to spearhead so many amazing new Ventures.

We finish this week's podcast hearing about Craig's predictions for the future of clinical trials and hear his thoughts on the new Vaccines that are getting released as we speak.

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